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Protect your assets

car boat motocycle and rv have the best
coverage at home and on the road.

Your home is your single
most important asset

well help you take all the necessary steps by
providing adequate and comprehensive coverage.

Be ready for
the unexpected

with our most comprehensive
coverage you wont be caught off guard.

We offer an array or
commercial carriers

competing for your business needs.

Take care of your family

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Why Ivoire Insurance?

IVOIRE INSURANCE is committed to reducing the cost of insurance to all Floridians by helping consumers understand their insurance policies and the impact of claims on everyone.

  • We do not see our clients as a six or 12 months commission rather, a partner for a long period of time.
  • We pride ourselves in rating your policy at the end of the policy period to find you the best renewal premium possible with best rated insurance companies at our disposal.
  • We are always accessible when other agencies are close.
  • We assist you in maintaining a cleaned driving record with LexisNexis.

Your One Stop Shop Insurance

We pride ourselves providing our clients the convenience of a single location and agency to all their insurance needs.

  • We save you the time and headache in dealing with multiple insurance companies.
  • We always call back during off hours if we miss your call.